Nostalgia Tribe Hybrid Hornets (named after the "Big Three" Slenderman series) is perhaps the most outspoken of the investigators of the Void cult. Known for his excessive troll-like behavior, Nostalgia was later thrown into the Void for being "the mouthy one", but shows no signs of stopping, considering his recent post threatening "Him".


Initially, Nostalgia had little effect on the events occuring in the Void cult, and through Arc 1 was merely another investigator. He involved himself deeply into the events, appearing at nearly every chat event and questioning the participants.

However, over time and through Arc 2, he began to show increasingly troll-like behavior that began to irritate the Glyphs and eventually even his own allies. Still, the Glyphs seemed to take no notice, only giving the occasional threat. His behavior began to progress greatly through the beginning and middle of Arc 3, until towards the end of Arc 3 when he called Him "him" and was kicked out of the room repeatedly, taunting Him all the way. The behavior reached a point when Him said that Nostalgia would wake up with pains, and this was confirmed when Nostalgia posted that his leg had been broken.

As Arc 4 began, it became clear that the Glyphs were planning to place Nostalgia into the Void, through ciphers and messages found on the website. Nostalgia still continued his behavior, saying he was awaiting the Glyphs, but this seemed to have no effect as Nostalgia was put to the Void without injury to the Glyphs. For two days, the normally outspoken Nostalgia fell silent without any indication of what might of happened, but he finally posted again confirming he was in the Void. However, Nostalgia mentioned that, "(He is) not going to say anything else. It keeps the mystery up and running." What he means by that is currently unknown. Perhaps the biggest hint to this is that-- unlike the other confirmed members who are currently in the Void-- Nostalgia still is communicating in clear, unciphered English. How is unknown.

Nostalgia's most recent post (as of 4/15) threatens Him and/or Jorge, saying that Nostalgia was coming for them and possibly going to try to kill them. This was in reaction to the most recent chat event (unattended by Nostalgia), where He sent out members of the Void to go kill/hurt Captain. Currently, it is unknown if Nostalgia has gone out, and if he has if he was successful, as he has not posted since that last post.


On the outside, Nostalgia seems to be a careless, hurtless person who taunts and insults even his allies. However, Nostalgia also seems to have a more careful, thought-out plan at hand, as it seems his troll-like behavior was a plan to get into the Void. However, considering he continued this behavior while in the Void, this possible side of Nostalgia is put into doubt. Whether he is insane, however, is not a concept popularly considered.