Vengeance is the fifth arc of The Void ARG. The title was drawn up at the end of Arc 4, before it had been finalized that the arc had ended.

"I Will Have Vengeance, You Bastards!"Edit

Abbaraock was struck down by "Him" using the sword "Glyph's End" which had been stolen from Captain and replaced with a replica. In his last moments, he sent out a message to the Cult about "Him" and Jorge. Mugen swore revenge for his death, promising no mercy for "Him" when he finally confronted "Him" once all the innocent people trapped in The Void have been evacuated, and once Mugen's ocarina had been found.

All The Myriad WaysEdit

The protagonists have new objectives, in addition to previous objectives still not yet accomplished:

  • They still have to stop the Moon, since "He" has no further use for The Void. Mugen wants to evacuate the innocent people trapped there before he allows it to be destroyed.
  • MiMiC is still unaccounted for, thus, it is possible he is still under "His" control. They need to either find a way to break the control, or kill MiMiC if they cannot.
  • Mugen's ocarina still needs recovering, from when "He" confiscated it from Mugen during Arc 3.
  • Captain was captured by "Him" when Abbaraock was killed, and needs to be rescued.
    • Furthermore, Jorge plans to utilize a unique property he has to find and kill anyone that is not in the Cult. This must be stopped at all costs.
      • Abbaraock's final message said that to stop Jorge's plan for Captain, a Glyph must fall and not be replaced. Mugen needs to defeat either eRrOrPn, CORRUPTION, or OMEGA (or MiMiC if he cannot be saved), and one of the players on the other side needs to ensure none of the cultists are made into Glyphs to replace the fallen one.
        • Alternatively, Mugen could defeat all of the Glyphs, and take out the new Glyphs when they come forward. This is a last resort as it costs human lives to pull off.
  • Dêkublast Allosuls needs to locate the outhouse that Mugen asked her to find, which will grant the protagonists a way to travel between The Void and the normal world.

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