Arc 4: Pandemonium began on Friday, March 9, 2012. It originally went under the working titles "The Hunt" and "Hunt You Down" but the final title was suggested out-of-character by Mugen at the last moment.

The Gauntlet Is ThrownEdit

The arc begins with a post by Him on Within Hubris which was followed by a reply from Mugen, who was using a new cipher. "His" post was the usual Hex, and, once translated by Akashika, went like this:


Message from Him, starting off Arc 4.

Finally, OMEGA has crossed The Void. Do you know what that means? It means that it's finally time to stamp out these wild fires that have fueled during his time crossing. Captain, you better watch out because we're going after you, Nostalgia, Loxias, Deku, Mugen, and even Ironic better watch out as well, you've all been thorns in my side. Ironic and Mugen will be harder to eradicate because they're both in The Void, so I'll save them until the end, when I cause the moon to crash into The Void, and destroy that forsaken place completely. Don't even think about calling the other Glyphs, I have complete control over all my Glyphs now. So, beware, because this is it, the final stretch before everything is mine.
Mugen's post has not been translated yet, but in-context, it goes like this:

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All Mixed UpEdit

Known changes made to the playing field for this arc are as follows:

  • Mugen's cipher has been changed. OoC, this was for space reasons, as YouTube's character limit caused extreme restriction to what he could say in response to videos. IC, Mugen completed a patch that allowed him to communicate in text, but due to bugs it comes out ciphered. So far, the cipher has not been broken.
  • Ironic has been stripped of his Glyph status due to OMEGA successfully crossing The Void after defeating Majora in Arc 3. As a result, he is unable to communicate with the players' world. Mugen has offered to be his spokesman, as people have been for him since his IC debut, but it is unknown if Ironic accepted or declined the offer.
  • All current, active Glyphs are enemies. MiMiC and Abbaraock have fallen under "His" control. One of the objectives Mugen and Ironic must complete is to find a way to liberate them, or, if that is not possible, neutralize them along with the others.
  • Mugen and Ironic have new objectives.
    • 1. Neutralize the threat of the falling moon, which "He" has caused to descend to destroy The Void as it is no longer needed.
      • The moon's descent must be hindered in such a way that it can continue descending at any time. Mugen wants to retrieve his lost Ocarina and evacuate the innocent people trapped in The Void before allowing the moon to finish its descent.
    • 2. Liberate MiMiC and Abbaraock from "His" control if possible. If it's not, then neutralize the threat.
    • 3. Manipulate events in the players' world to ensure Captain's survival.

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