The Events So FarEdit

Arc 3 of the game began with a new thread posting in the "Other" section of Within Hubris. The new thread was called, "The Void" and began with a post from Him in Hex.

This message, screencapped to the right, translates as follows:


Message from Him, starting off Arc 3.

"First thing, Captain, consider yourself lucky. OMEGA is in The Void, and I could have easily killed you this morning. You know what I'm talking about. OMEGA should consider himself lucky as well, he kept letting the chat get broken into, and now we're all locked out, besides... That. Stupid. Brat. Of. A. Glyph. Who... SHOULDN'T HAVE EVEN PASSED THROUGH THE VOID!! Ironic. Anyways, OMEGA is on his way, and once he crosses... You're going to be in a ton of trouble Captain. Soon. Very soon"

Two hours later, Captain posted in-character, saying Ironic had given him the password to open the chatroom for the players and that Ironic, not Captain, would be there. He also informed us that if He, OMEGA, eRrOr, or CORRUPTION were to show up, Captain would be unable to cross the Void.


After two and a half hours, Captain posted again, this time out-of-character, informing that he "hit a problem today" and was putting the game on hold for the time being.

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