Arc 1: Recruitment is the very first arc for The Void ARG. It began on January 30, 2012.

Let The Games BeginEdit

The Void site goes up, and two threads of recruitment pop on the Within Hubris webpage. It talks about being different, and that by going to the site you can hear His whispers. People start emailing Captain, asking to join The Void. Captain sends emails to OMEGA, whom emails these "hopefuls" with a test. The test is a secret word, ciphered. It may be ran through Base 64, Hex, ACSII, Binary, Caesarian, and reversed. Users whom got past that test were asked to say the creed, and then from there they were admitted into The Void.


The thread made by Captain, as seen on Within Hubris, Among other things, Him is mentioned

Trauma Tap, a player, had played two songs during this Arc. The first song he played was Nocturne of Shadow because a reversed version showed up on The Void website. It woke Him up. Trauma Tap later plays Elegy of Emptiness, and He replies saying that he's gotten a new power. In response to Trauma's actions, a new section, apparently from Captain, was posted, warning Trauma not to post any more songs.

The Arc ends with the Chat opening up, and eRrOrPn showing up, and telling Captain that he's going to wake up with pains.

This is also the first sighting of Mugen Kagemaru, an enigmatic man watching the events.

The Home Away From Home link led to the forum website:


The Void website

-Home: Where the players where greeted and then explained the purpose of the Website.

-Become a Member: This had basic information on how to become a member, however, this information has been changed.

-Our purpose: We are here to appease. He watches over us, and we follow his desires, and continue to cross the Void. He is not alone, all of them, we must appease all. The four, of monstrous appear, the beasts. We appease them too, they are His chosen. He seeks a fifth, in those who work to him well. But it is difficult to achieve status of such. Green, Blue, Red, Black. They are the greed, lust, hatred and lies to each other. He sets them as the reminders. This is all a game to them. A game to find a winner. We all seek to cross the void, but only those who succeed can cross. A game, that we all want to win.


The Forum

-The Creed:He has whispered to me, I have responded to His whispers, From life to death, Death to life, I shall follow His word, And cross the Void.

-Initiation: The final test. What is initiation? It's what we do to every hopeful, so we make sure we get the best of the best with us. Not only do we want the best of the best, but we also want to make sure you can hear His whispers. If you can actually hear His whispers, then you should be able to pass the test with ease. Initiation usually takes place 24 hours after your first contact, from there another mod should email you. Have no fear, for the tests are easy, with Him guiding you.

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