Note: This chat is incomplete due to some problems during the same, will be updated when any fresh information comes soon, Regards, Locria.

The Observer: Do you think you can escape my vision?
The Observer: Nostalgia?
The Observer: I see all
Nostalgia(?) joined the chat
The Observer: Did you know that Captain and eRrOrPn had met long before now?
Nostalgia(?): 15-8? 1-14-4 23-8-15 1-18-5 25-15-21, 8-13-13? 25-15-21-18-19 9-19 14-15-20 1 14-1-13-5 9 8-1-22-5 19-5-5-14 2-5-6-15-18-5.
The Observer: They've known each other for a long time
The Observer: I silently watch what happens
The Observer: All day
The Observer: All night
The Observer: Sleeping
The Observer: Awake
The Observer: I
The Observer: See
The Observer: All
The Observer: Even as we speak, I can see OMEGA
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The Observer: Nostalgia(?): 9 11-14-5-23 1-19 13-21-3-8, 1-215-21-20 3-1-16-201-9-14 1-14-4 5-18-18-15-18-16-14, 6-18-15-13 13-25 15-23-14 19-14-9-6-6-9-14-7 1-18-15-21-14-4, 1-19 25-15-21 11-14-15-23 22-5-18-25 23-5-12-12, 19-9-14-3-5 9-20 12-5-4 25-15-21 12-15-20 20-15 19-5-14-4 13-5 8-5-18-5.
The Observer: Hmm... So it is you
Nostalgia(?): 1-2-15-21-20 20-9-13-5, 12-15-3-18-9-1. 9 23-9-12-12 3-15-14-14-5-3-20 20-15 25-15-21 19-8-15-18-20-12-25.
The Observer: I was never a part of what they did to you
The Observer: I just silently watched
The Observer: When you were crossing The Void, I watched
The Observer: Where He is, I watch
The Observer: I
The Observer: See
The Observer: Everything
Loxias: Doesn't change that you know that I know about Captain and eRrOrPn.
Loxias: Also, are you not getting a bit redundant with that statement? Do you not think you may have already cemented that point?
The Observer: Do you know where OMEGA is?
The Observer: Not in The Void, but where in The Void?
Loxias: Which one? Me, or Locria?
The Observer: Does it matter?

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OMEGA: 1101551550560560560401311571650401641671570401411621450401541511531450401021541411431530401021571451
Loxias: I'll be looking foward to that.
OMEGA: 1311571650401421451641641451620540401110401441571560471640401511561641451561440401641570401631601451
Deku: Nah
Deku: Me and Loxias aren't Boes
Deku: We're more like.......
OMEGA: 1101551550560560560401151571621450401541511531450401031501650401031501650471630540401711571650401501
Deku: Dialga and Palkia.
Deku: Enough said
Loxias: You won't be able to "cut" this easy...
Loxias: 5bce36c21f440d6c7213457bdeba1a19
Deku: And you're a Magikarp lvl 100
Deku: You make look strong
Deku: But your moves are absolue cr*p
Deku: And you have no room to change that
OMEGA: 1271411710401641411541530401411421571651640401410401431571551601541451641451541710401441511461461451
The Observer joined the chat 13 minutes ago
The Observer: You'll wake up tomorrow with pains, I foresee it
Deku: Thats why we have Advil.
OMEGA: 1071451640401571651640401571460401501451621450401711571650401461571571540560401271450401441571560471
5 OMEGA 1121651631640401471571640401641501450401101451621570471630401021571670560401161571670401501411630401
OMEGA: 0421101450420401671511541540401421450401631570401601621571651440401571460401551450540401541571431531

Missed some of it, hence the ~'s